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Bath Salts - Balancing
Bath Salts - Balancing
Vegan Bath Salts
Bath Salts - Balancing

Bath Salts - Balancing

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Mineral rich Pink Himalayan salts blended with coconut oil, bergamot, lavender & sandalwood essential oils designed to help you take away the days stress, relax the mind, body & spirit bringing you back to balance. 


Pink Himalayan salts are rich in minerals which can help rebalance the bodies natural ph, help reduce muscle cramps and detoxify the body.

Coconut oil is use to blend the essential oils together with the salts and to leave the skin feeling soft.

Bergamot essential oil has an uplifting/calming effect so ideal to help take off the days stresses & strains.

Lavender essential oil can help destress the mind and body to help you relax.

Sandalwood essential oil can have a calming effect on the mind and body so ideal to use before bedtime.

How to use:
Oils will settle at the bottom of the bottle so please mix before use. Throw in a small handful of salt & oil into a warm bath & soak for 20mins.
Caution when entering & leaving bath as oils can make the bath slippy.
Not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Our bath salts are in glass bottles which can be reused or recycled after use. To reuse it just wash out in warm soapy water. 


All our products are peta approved vegan & Cruelty-free.

We are an ethical company who donate from every sale to help provide clean drinking water & education to girls in Cambodia.


*Please note this product is made to order*

Bath Salts - Balancing
Vegan Bath Salts